Integrity Post Structures

Full Stack Web Development & IT

At Integrity, we are working on industry leading software that allows us to provide faster and more accurate quotes to all of our customers. Working at Integrity has been my first experience with long term employment and a long term project. As such, I have enjoyed the opportunity to sink my teeth into a large project and become completely immersed in the code. This is a full stack project; Designing and implementing the database, developing the logic and design, and seeking and acting on the feedback from our users. In addition to these programming responsibilities, we also administered the IT services for Integrity. Email management, Networking, Server management, and general user IT problems are daily fare. The entire Integrity team is a group of excellent, dedicated, and motivated people and it has been a pleasure getting to know each of them.

  • Full stack web development (HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, PHP, javascript/jQuery)
  • Database Design and Management (MySQL)
  • Model-View-Controller(MVC) Framework
  • Small team version control (Subversion)
  • General IT (Majority Windows 10 users)
  • Ubuntu Development Environment
  • GSuite Administrator Duties

[i]Cube Development

Assistant Technician

I was employed at iCube Development for the last two summers of my university career, learning what kind of person I needed to be to succeed in the tech industry. I remember when I walked in to submit my resume, Matthew Kinderwater(Owner) sat with me right then and interviewed me. We both recognized that I had zero work experience in the IT or programming sector despite taking programming in university. Matthew was then kind enough to offer me a trial week with iCube with no hard feelings should I not be a fit. Needless to say, Matthew decided to keep me on. Working at iCube demanded an incredibly steep learning curve that I was determined to rise above. Working to meet the challenges that Matthew and Ian posed was a daily challenge and I loved it! Even the most menial task that iCube does requires a great deal of knowledge and they expected me to not only know what I was doing by why i was doing it, being patient with me until I grasped the concept. Witnessing these two work also taught me about what running a small business takes and what you need to do to be successful in any business. The quote that I chose is something that Matthew only said to me once during my second summer. Matthew expected the best and believed that I could achieve it. I adopted this policy for my own work at the time and I continue to let it drive me to excel at everything I try.

  • Data recovery using both software and hardware methods
  • IT services for contracted clients both on and off-site (over phone and remote desktop)
  • Required to keep exemplary work order notes for both clients and other technicians to review
  • Trusted to handle critical/confidential client data
  • Designed and constructed 3D printers

Reference letter available upon request

The Glencoe Golf & Country Club


Employment at the Glencoe Golf & Country Club was very different compared to the retail world of Heritage Park. The focus on projects lasting anywhere from hours to weeks was an appreciated change as it allowed us to focus and work to perfect our positions. We were working in any weather at all hours of the day. I personally enjoyed this aspect of the job as starting so early allowed us to stay one step ahead ahead of the clients and also made for some beautiful sunrises! The work that I performed was mostly individual work and almost never supervised. We were expected to keep in radio contact throughout the day and respond to changes in our directions promptly. I was expected to be lifting heavy loads for long periods of time and to keep a strict time limit. Being trained to safely operate the heaviest equipment that was available was a challenge and a joy to learn.

  • Very early hours in all weather
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Leadership and training roles
  • Individual and small teams
  • Little supervision

Heritage Park Historical Village


My first job was in the retail department at Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the age of 14. My brother started his career here two years prior and I was eager to follow his success. I quickly learned the ropes of a working environment and was quite happy working here throughout the standard summer operating months and fall/winter holidays. I soon learned the pressure that comes with working in a retail position and with it came an appreciation for those that work in these positions full-time. The roles that I was assigned to were largely unsupervised, working individually or in small teams.

  • Quick mental calculations
  • Individual and small team retail
  • Little supervision